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    Exclusive access to millions of passengers in more than 200 U.S. airports.

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    Target, touch and influence healthcare consumers with one-to-one engagement.

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    An extraordinary team of experts in healthcare, pharma, exhibits and live event marketing.

At nLIVEn Health, our mission is to fundamentally change the way in which healthcare and pharmaceutical industries target, touch and influence their patients and consumers. The time is right – because health marketers are in the midst of major cultural and market shifts that demand new thinking. New motivational strategies. New marketing venues. Intimate access to prospects and patients.

nLIVEn Health recognizes the United States healthcare system is moving toward a patient centric model where the goal is to improve outcomes through collaborative care. To be successful, patients/consumers need to take direct responsibility for improving their health. Ultimately, an educated and self-directed patient will have better outcomes and it is nLIVEn Health’s objective to help bridge this gap.

nLIVEn Health’s unique opportunities begin with our exclusive access to more than 200 airports throughout the U.S. and their many tens of millions of travelers. We combine that with deep expertise in multi-engagement marketing, experiential events, sponsorships, sampling, and other engagement strategies driving positive behavior, brand awareness and return on investment within the health industry.

Today these opportunities extend beyond airport engagement to similarly compelling venues like arenas, trade exhibitions and mobile events.

Do you want to reach, influence and motivate health consumers and patients when they are uniquely approachable and receptive to real engagement? Let NLIVEn Health introduce you to them – by the millions.