Disease information via flash drive handout

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Drug introduction via flash drive handout

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Conditions like diabetes can manifest themselves in many ways, require a good deal of education to prevent and control, and benefit by a credible and balanced presentation. In the program displayed here, imposing and strategically placed airport imagery leads diabetes patients and other consumers to terminal kiosks, where healthcare professionals or educational pamphlets talk about symptoms, prevention and direct them to their primary care provider for information regarding available therapies.

At the kiosk, nLIVEn representatives hand out free flash drives containing a dramatic presentation about the risks of diabetes and the rewards of proper diet and medication. An app on the flash drive can be loaded onto the recipient’s tablet or PC to regularly provide health reminders and access to medication information. nLIVEn AirPulse and SocialScope are also available to implement data collection and analysis and to track recipients’ reaction expressed on social media.