Making connections with the new consumer.

Today’s consumers are more informed, demanding, and advertising–averse than ever. In the changing landscape of healthcare, they are learning to be their own best advocates and to be proactive about gathering the information they need to make good decisions about their health.

At the same time, pharmaceuticals,  healthcare providers, and health retailers have a new urgency to inform and engage their key audiences:  fundamental shifts in culture, competition, technology and legislation demand it.

In this new reality, nLIVEn offers a trove of fresh and effective ways to reach out to consumers when they are receptive and unrushed. We give you powerful options for collecting data, developing brand preferences, and even learning what these consumers have to say about you in social media. nLIVEn collaborates with its many strategic partners to apply the exactly expertise and strategic resources you require to make a lasting impression.



New hubs for building compliance, adherence and brand loyalty.



Helping health providers create not just impressions, but real impact.



Smart and creative ways to impress consumers with your brand.

New product trial with data gatheringSdbr
New product trial with data gathering

Co-op cold medicine samplingSdbr
Co-op cold medicine sampling

Airport family zone sponsorshipSdbr
Airport family zone sponsorship