New hubs for
building compliance,
and brand loyalty.

Drug manufacturers are excruciatingly aware of the patent cliff: nearly $200 billion in patent expirations between 2012 and 2015. Generics will take a bigger bite out of total sales every year. But pharmaceuticals are addressing this issue with innovative programs to support their customer bases and to encourage continued customer loyalty.

nLIVEn Health recognizes the United States healthcare system is moving toward a patient centric model where the goal is to improve outcomes through collaborative care. To be successful, patients/consumers need to take direct responsibility for improving their health. Ultimately, an educated and self-directed patient will have better outcomes and it is nLIVEn Health’s objective to help bridge this gap.

We do more than help cement brand loyalty. With nearly half of all first-time prescriptions going unfilled and millions more not renewed, engagement strategies that promote compliance and adherence promise tremendous healthcare benefits at a modest educational investment with supportable ROI.

Thought-starters for Pharma.

Here are just a few of the possibilities that nLIVEn has the experience and resources to help pharmaceutical companies realize:

  • Sampling with data collection to drive sales.
  • Literature kiosks and hand sanitizer messaging in washrooms with health and disease prevention education.
  • Health kiosks in concourses where travelers can talk to healthcare providers and participate in market research.
  • Engaging with and educating doctors arriving for conferences and events.
  • Distributions of flash drives and other media that support patient prescription adherence and compliance messaging
  • Blood pressure monitoring and screening through sponsored state-of-the-art detection units supported by the World Heart Federation.
  • Surprise and delight with convenient, free sponsored health and wellness product samples as part of a ‘Mobile Billboard’

Disease state awareness

New product trial with data gatheringSdbr
New product trial with data gathering

Drug introduction via flash drive handoutSdbr
Disease information via flash drive handout

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