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but real impact.

The prospect of millions of enrollees in new insurance exchanges… new comparison shopping tools…and consumer reviews generating penalties and bonuses for insurers and hospitals: changes like these urge providers to take a leadership role in educating, empowering, and engaging consumers in ways that build loyalty to their brands.

nLIVEn Health can show you why airport, events and arena environments offer a unique opportunity to meet and interact with consumers when they are at their most receptive. Travelers have shown tremendous enthusiasm and appreciation for provider services such as inoculations, finger-stick testing, education and guidance relating to their options under the Affordable Care Act.

Providers may choose to target the high percentage of business owners who comprise airport traffic. Gather data to help drive sales and gain critical consumer insight. Partner with complementary companies to stretch their investments. Sponsor new airport health venues such as yoga studios and walking paths. nLIVEn will help you put your best face forward while managing every detail.

Thought-starters for Providers.

The opportunities for engaging and delighting travelers are as wide-open as your imagination and ours. Consider nLIVEn programs such as these:

  • Sponsored airport walking paths, with brand ambassadors engaging with participants along the way.
  • Affordable Care Act information kiosks for small business owners.
  • Partnering with pharmaceutical providers to offer flu shots to travelers, while representatives or researchers engage with those waiting in line.
  • Creative audio messaging that includes valuable health and disease prevention information.
  • Sponsoring automatic hand sanitizers as a way to demonstrate corporate citizenship and goodwill.

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