Smart and creative ways
to impress consumers
with your brand.

The Affordable Care Act will put into play millions of potential new customers for health retailers and drugstore chains. And that’s only the latest competitive wrinkle driving manufacturers and retailers to find new ways to rise above the noise and find new and better ways to build lasting customer relationships.

nLIVEn is helping these companies discover untapped sales, marketing and educational opportunities. We can complement and expand your existing communications and sampling initiatives. We can help kick-start and invigorate loyalty programs that drive consumers to retail storefronts. We help create brand advocates and loyalists among specific demographics. Integrate messaging into social media and track the conversations that ensue. Solicit customer feedback to refine messaging. And we can manage the entire process to ensure successful execution and ROI.

From quantitative research to hyper-targeted co-pay, coupon and voucher programs, nLIVEn knows how to engage the people you’re looking for and get the results you need.

Thought-starters for Retailers.

Retailers can take advantage of travelers’ 93 minutes average airport “dwell time” to educate and engage them with programs like these:

  • Health fairs held at selected airports in conjunction with time-based events such as Breast Cancer Month or Diabetes Awareness Month.
  • Distribution of loyalty cards preloaded with points to encourage and reward future storefront visits.
  • Distribution of OTC products and/or product coupons in partnership with the manufacturer. nLIVEn SocialScope can track recipients’ subsequent online comments about the product or your brand.
  • Sponsorship of children’s play area with brand ambassador on hand to distribute samples, literature, or otherwise engage parents.
  • Blood pressure and finger-stick testing kiosk with video and other educational material provided for at-risk consumers.

Airport health fair sponsorship

Co-op cold medicine samplingSdbr
Co-op cold medicine sampling

Airport kid zone sponsorshipSdbr
Airport family zone sponsorship

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