Unlimited opportunities in untapped places.

The founders of nLIVEn Health are the pioneers of airport-based experiential marketing and sponsorship programs.

No one else has nLIVEn Health’s exclusive long-term rights to so many vital airport assets, plus the key relationships to make the most of them. No one is better able to apply these assets to hyper-targeted programs and brand-building campaigns. And not only in airports, but in a variety of high-traffic venues.

Talk to us about your communications and marketing objectives: nLIVEn Health can prescribe a turnkey program that achieves live and memorable engagement experiences with a healthy ROI.


Airport Marketing

Gateways to powerful new forms of engagement.



Use SocialScope to tune into candid conversations about your brand.



Apply our experience in airport data collection with AirPulse Research.



Targeted sampling programs to bring prospects on-board.


Product Trial

Product trials that are a win-win for all.


Data Collection

New points of departure for market research.


Venue Sponsorships

Venue SponsorshipsFrom naming rights to supplier sponsorships, we manage it all.

The nLIVEn sphere of influence

Here’s a partial list of the ways we help health brands interact with business and retail consumers:

  • Naming rights & venue sponsorships
  • Promotional sponsorships for services and facilities
  • Educational content and literature distribution
  • Healthcare events and programs
  • Trial testing and data capture
  • Wellness & disease prevention messaging
  • Complimentary convenience and wellness products
  • New medium of communication – mobile billboards
  • Company information Kiosks
  • Quantitative and qualitative intercept research
  • Product trial sampling through vouchers and co-pay cards
  • Health fairs
  • Pull-through initiatives
  • Performance analytics & ROI
  • Targeted pilots to validate and roll out campaigns
  • Compliance & adherence support initiatives