Apply our experience
in airport data collection
with AirPulse Research.

nLIVEn full-service, turnkey capabilities include a full suite of quantitative and qualitative market research via our AirPulse Research subsidiary. Through Airpulse, we can tightly integrate seasoned strategic planning, programming, data collection, analysis and final presentation into your program and manage the entire process.

One advantage of Airpulse’s specialization is the fast turnaround we are able to achieve, enabling actionable results and visible ROI quickly. Airpulse’s 20+ years of airport research experience pays off in its ability to hyper-target and engage research prospects, and to deliver rich profiling capabilities.

A sampling of how AirPulse can help.

  • Qualitative and quantitative intercept research.
  • Quantitative data collection via mobile device links.
  • Integration with sampling for fast qualitative feedback.
  • Hyper-targeting that reaches low incidence or hard-to-reach patients.
  • Polling normally inaccessible medical professionals.
  • Turnkey management and administration that simplifies and streamlines the entire process.


Disease state awareness

Drug introduction via flash drive handoutSdbr
Disease information via flash drive handout

Mobile BillboardSdbr

“Mobile Billboards” with data gathering

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