Gateways to
powerful new forms
of engagement.

Airports represent a still largely untapped opportunity to engage with patients and health concious consumers – to actively access them during the average 93 minutes of post-security “dwell time” that passengers confront daily. Typically, these passengers represent the health industry’s most desirable demographics.

nLIVEn Health provides exclusive access to over 200 U.S. airports through our contracted strategic relationships, including the nation’s largest and most heavily traveled  We open the door to the most desirable positions and possibilities beyond airport security and in select lounges. We create powerful brand interactions, using creative combinations of sight, sound and touch that educate, engage and empower consumers, patients and improve the passenger experience.

We know how to make the most of these unprecedented airport opportunities. We know both the spaces and the media we have to work with. We are able to work closely with airport directors and concession managers to create original and optimal ways for consumers to engage with your brand and turn triers, to advocates and loyalists.

Event attendee welcome signage1SdbrEvent attendee welcome signage

Airport kid zone sponsorshipSdbrAirport kid zone sponsorship

Airport StorefrontSdbrAirport “storefront” with retail partners

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