New points
of departure
for market research.

Airport environments offer an especially compelling opportunity to conduct targeted market research of business, consumer, and health professional audiences. No other location brings together so many candidates with the time and willingness to interact with researchers – with other large-scale venues such as arenas and stadiums running a close second.

From major airports to the Super Bowl, we’ve helped companies develop data capture methodologies that are at once entertaining, disarming, and effective.

Two nLIVEn subsidiaries allow you to tightly integrate research with your other engagement strategies: AirPulse is our multi-faceted research arm specializing in the spectrum of data collection methodologies. And through our powerful SocialScope services, you can measure the impact of your engagement programs and other brand-building strategies using targeted social media monitoring and analysis.

Data collection where the sky’s the limit.

Through its integrated research programs, nLIVEn Health is helping clients:

  • Measure brand awareness
  • Refine marketing messages
  • Test new product ideas
  • Identify demographics most likely to purchase.
  • Monitor reactions to product testing and sampling in social media channels.

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