Product trials that are
personal, persuasive, and profitable.

These days, companies throughout health and pharma are actively seeking new ways to supply their target audiences with the information they want and need – and to gather their own sets of desired information in return. From airports to ballparks and major concert venues, nLIVEn Health offers you huge numbers of receptive consumers with the time and interest to interact with you and your products … to provide feedback … and who appreciate the education and advocacy you provide.

From disease prevention and wellness motivators to coupon delivery or live demonstration strategies that stimulate sales and reinforce existing loyalties, nLIVEn Health can help you create product trial programs that complement your current communications initiatives. We collaborate with our clients and our AirPulse research arm to develop ideal product test platforms, data collection strategies and reporting methodologies. We can manage the entire process from program design to presentation of results.

Airport StorefrontSdbr
Airport “storefront” with retail partners

New product trial with data gatheringSdbr
New product trial with data gathering

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