Use SocialScope to
tune into candid conversations
about your brand.

What if you could access customer conversations about your products and your brand, free from the artificial constraints of a focus group or questionnaire?

nLIVEn’s SocialScope allows you to do just that. SocialScope will show you any and all mentions of your brand and other key words on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Wikipedia, the blogosphere and all other major social media. Using a combination of automated and manual analysis, SocialScope compiles in-depth reports that detail positive, negative and neutral comments day by day. It can identify your strongest advocates and their followers. It can pinpoint geographically where these conversations originate. And each reports comes with expert recommendations for how best to take advantage of the data.

Using nLIVEn and SocialScope, you can engage prospects via interactive programs such as providing product samples, coupons or insights into their health or healthcare options. Then you can close the circle by seeing exactly how the program pays off for you in terms of ensuing social media conversations,
product advocacy, and the dissemination of brand awareness and interest throughout the U.S. and the world. You can reward and encourage your best brand advocates, and even reach out to their followers with information and incentives.

Putting social media mentions within earshot.

nLIVEn’s SocialScope allows brand managers to track the volume, channels, tone and geographical skew of consumer conversations as part of programs like these:

Product sampling with data collection

Drug introduction via flash drive handoutSdbr
Drug introduction via flash drive handout

New product trial with data gatheringSdbr
New product trial with data gathering

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